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Joseph Campbell: Works
A guide to his voluminous writings


I have divided Campbell's work into arbitrary categories, going from what I find the most accessible to the most difficult.   Many will disagree, finding the rich world portrayed in the "Magna Opera" to be more engaging than the interviews, lectures,  and essays.  So be it.  Any way that you can, delve into these works!

A link on a title itself leads you to a page I have created about that work; the Amazon link takes you to the page about that work at Amazon.com.  Remember, you don't have to buy (but if you do, Realize! will get a percentage of the sale). However, the Amazon pages are also a great way to learn more about a book, read the Publishers' statements and reader reviews, and perhaps even take "A Look Inside."


Getting to Know Uncle Joe

The following works are in "popular" formats, and cover a wide range of Campbell's ideas.

  • Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (book) (video) with Bill Moyers (1988)
    (Amazon: book illustrated edition DVD VHS audio cassettes audio CDs)

    • This is the series that brought Campbell far greater fame than he ever would have anticipated.  What's more, it's a mature summarizing of a lifetime's work, in a Q & A format that's easy to read.  Spend the extra money for the illustrated edition if you can. Better yet, buy one of the video versions to gain the full, intended effect.  And I listen to the audio regularly, again and again, just to keep finding new pearls.

  • An Open Life: Joseph Campbell in Conversation with Michael Toms (1989) (Amazon)

    • This 130+ page book, by its very brevity, is in some ways a better introduction to Campbell's work than the Moyers interviews. Much of the same territory is covered, but it's less intimidating for the uncommitted reader.

  • Mythos (1995?)(Currently out of print; see note)

    • More academic--and more fulfilling--than the Moyers videos, this series presents a 10-hour series of lectures that Uncle Joe felt epitomized his years of teaching.

  • A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living (1991) edited by Diane Osbon (Amazon)

    • More of an "experience" than a book.  Ms Osbon has compiled quotes from Campbell into more of an impression than an exposition. Nevertheless, for those who find other formats tedious, this poetic rendering of "Uncle Joe's" ideas might be just the thing.

  • The Way of Myth: Talking with Joseph Campbell (1994) (Fraser Boa) (Amazon)

    • This very small book covers much of the same material as the two interviews above.  Makes a nice stocking-stuffer.

Posthumous Works

Part of "The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell," after Campbell's death these books were edited  from his taped lectures to "popular" audiences.  As such, they make for easy reading, lacking the academic tone of some of his written works.  Many were drawn from the six volumes of the "Joseph Campbell Audio Collection."

Essays and Lectures

These books, published during Campbell's lifetime, are (with the exception of the Skeleton Key) collections of essays, some of which he wrote based on lectures given.


Two biographical works; and two volumes of Campbell's journals, covering his one-year sojourn in Asia.

"Magna Opera"



Edited By Joseph Campbell

The (Posthumous) Works of Heinrich Zimmer
edited by Joseph Campbell

The Eranos Yearbooks
edited by Joseph Campbell

Other Works
edited by Joseph Campbell

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